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April 2019
April 2019
April 2019
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Monthly Meeting (6:00 PM EDT)
Phi Cleven will do a presentation on Sports/Action Photography   (NOTE:  This is not just for sports!!)
Fund Raiser - Paint Day (1:00 PM EDT)
Last night we heard Brenda Dougan speak about the sudden illness that has affected her very young grandson.  As of yesterday he has been in the hospital for 153 days.  Not sure if you can even imagine the stress and the financial burden this has put on this family. At our last Board meeting this subject was discussed "how can we help" as a Club.  The decision was to have a "Paint Night" to raise money that would be given to the family.  We checked dates with the Legion and set Sunday, April 28th from 1 till around 3ish.  The cost is $40 per person and we hope to sell 50 tickets.  The person that does this paint night keeps $20/person and the rest is ours to donate.  During this event we are going to do 50/50 cash drawing, silent auction and raffle prizes...To do this we need the help of our club members ... the Board cannot do this alone. We are asking you for donations for the raffle prizes....examples -- gift cards, framed photographs, matted photographs, gift baskets....etc.  You have all been to a fund raising event and have seen the kind of things that are raffled off to make money and that is the intent of this event.  The Legion is allowing us to have the large banquet room for FREE for this event so anything we do to make money is all for donation. This event is going to be posted on our Club FB page.  We are asking that once you see this if you will share this with your friends so we can sell all 50 tickets.  The tickets will be CASH ONLY and to reserve your seat you must pay in advance. This email is intended to give everyone in the Club a heads up to mark this date down.  If you cannot be there to help, but could send a donation of any type would be great. The Legion said only thing we cannot raffle is any type of alcohol related items.  In order to have those types of items you have to have a "special permit" for each item and the cost is $10 per permit.  SO NO ALCOHOL contribution type gifts. THANKS EVERYONE...LET'S MAKE THIS A SPECIAL EVENT F
East Broadtop Railroad (8:30 AM EDT)
On Saturday May 4th Joe is having an HDR workshop.   During this workshop,  we will be in an abandoned railroad work shop with many items to photograph.  We will also have full run of the roundhouse where the old steam engines are stored.  We will also be out photographing the outside of old buildings and other abandoned property.   Lunch will be provided.       This workshop will be $60.00         Joe only has room for 15 people -- so its first come first serve.        Let Joe know ASAP if you'd like to attend!        Any questions, please contact Joe.

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